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Canon EF 85MM F/1.2L II Camera Lens Skin Protector

Canon EF 85MM F/1.2L II Camera Lens Skin Protector

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  • Product contents
  1. Lens & Lens Hood Vinyl Skin
  2. Zoom / Focus Ring Vinyl Skin (MTBK) 

*This product is vinyl skin only, does not include the equipment which in the picture.

  • Reminder

There has a safety clearance in the edge of skin. it may show the base colors, if the color of device is different than skin.

★ Construction results will be due to individual construction of methods


  • Product Features

◆ Exclusive Style

Diverse skin design adds more personality to your equipment while protecting it. 

Our main goal is helping you to build your exclusive style, but also remaining he original details.

◆ Tailor-fit with an Unmatched Precision

Each product we designed has gone through precise measurements and countless testing to ensure it fits perfectly to each surface and corner. With the precise engineering, our skin can provide the comprehensive protection, extending the aesthetic and value of the device.

◆ Authentic 3M Vinyl Film; Quick Installation & Maintenance

Our skins are made from 3M wrap film; the most trusted brand in the industry and an automotive grade vinyl material to ensure

premium protection against daily use. The bubble-free specialty and patented adhesive is guaranteed to leave no residue on your

device, making it easy to apply, reposition and remove.

◆ Premium-grade,Waterproof and Easy to Clean

The skin wrap is completely waterproof and special coated for ease of clean when dirty. Gently wipe with a damp cloth will return

the skin to its original appearance.  

◆ Expected Performance Life of 5 Years

The skin is scratch resistant, waterproof, extremely durable, and with expected service life of 5 years without leaving any residue

during removal.


  • Method to peeling the film

To remove the skin, tear it off gently and use hairdryer or a heat gun for easy removal. Some area perhaps have micro-residual glue, use the original skin to stick the residue up until it is clean.


Q1:Is it easy to apply the skin?

A:Yes, most definitely. The skin has been pre-cut and can be easily completed by align the shape of the device.

Q2:Do I need a special tool to apply the skin?

A:In some small areas or corners, the help of tweezers and/or a plastic wedge would come useful. In larger surface areas or the grip section of the camera, a little heat from a hair dryer or a heat gun would help warp around the contours of the equipment.

Q3:Will there be any glue residue if I want to remove the skin?

A:The film material uses 3M 1080& 2080 automotive grade vinyl materials, which makes it easy to remove the skin without leaving any residual glue.

Q4:What if I don't see my device skin on the website?

A:Please contact our customer support and message us a design request or recommendation. We'll be happy to notify whether the style is scheduled for development.

Q5:Why are some signs not exposed?

A:Due to the ease of construction, some logos have no opening design.

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