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Retro Typewriter Style Mechanical Wireless Bluetooth RGB Keyboard

Retro Typewriter Style Mechanical Wireless Bluetooth RGB Keyboard

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@bluedunestudio Reply to @thesuarezstudio thought I’d make a video showcasing it for everyone that’s curious! 🖤 easy link in bio! #typewriterkeyboard #bluetoothkeyboard #retrokeyboard #retrokeyboards #typewriterasmr #typwriter #amazonfinds ♬ pastel skies - Rook1e


Combination of fashion and retro Continuing the retro elements of the typewriter, there will be a clicking sound when typing, the left and right sides are set with stylish texture knobs, the left side adjusts the brightness of the backlight, and the right side scrolls the page.

RGB backlight modes The backlight color of the keyboard is only white, and the joystick can be toggled to switch between various cool backlight modes, and the backlight brightness can be adjusted. A variety of backlight effects can meet the needs of game scenes.

Wide compatibility It can be connected to a limited number of computers, wirelessly connected to mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks, and supports simultaneous connection of three devices, compatible with multiple systems.

Outstanding Quality Full keyboard 83 keys are pressed without conflict, large spacing to prevent accidental touch, matte surface, key caps equipped with new color technology, wear-resistant and non-fading.

Intuitive design The all-in-one tablet holder has a built-in all-in-one tablet holder, which can comfortably accommodate a screen of up to 10.5 inches. As long as the thickness is less than 5/8 inches, it can accommodate most 12-inch tablets, including the new 12-inch iPad Pro.

One-click switching The keyboard has two modes, wired mode and bluetooth mode, the switch key is "FN+R", when you use a desktop computer, you can turn on the wired mode, plug in the USB cable, press "FN+R", you can Type normally. When you use a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can turn on the Bluetooth mode, you need to turn on the Bluetooth key and power mode (the upper right of the keyboard),press "FN+R". After connecting to bluetooth ,you can use it normally.

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