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Game Boy Charger Stand Holder for Apple Watch

Game Boy Charger Stand Holder for Apple Watch

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VINTAGE DESIGN View your Apple Watch display through a Game Boy! The display lines up perfectly to seem as though it is the display of a classic handheld game console.

COMPATIBILITY Works with Apple Watch Series (Series 1/ Series 2/ Series 3/ Series 4/ Series 5/ Series 6/ Series SE/ Series 7/ 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm, 45mm) and is compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode. Compatible with original Apple Watch Charger.

EASY TO USE Simply place your Apple Watch on the stand to charge your watch; keep this stand near your bed to allow the use of key functions such as alarm clocks and messages.

MATERIAL The Nightstand is made from scratch-free silicone to prevent damage to your Apple Watch and to prevent it from moving around when resting on a surface.

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