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FIFINE Gaming Sound Card with 4-Channel RGB Audio Mixer

FIFINE Gaming Sound Card with 4-Channel RGB Audio Mixer

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The FIFINE Gaming Sound Card with 4-Channel RGB Mute/Voice Change Button is designed to enhance your gaming experience. The streaming audio mixer is equipped with XLR mic input, perfect for podcasting or amplifying your voice during gameplay. With the AmpliGame-SC3, you can easily adjust sound levels and add a touch of RGB lighting to your setup.



Brand Name: FIFINE

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: KC

Type: Mixers

Model Number: SC3

Adaptation to Various Microphones:

The mixer boasts compatibility with XLR/6.35mm/3.5mm microphone inputs, enhancing the overall audio quality of the microphone. With its built-in 48V phantom power supply, the FIFINE SC3 delivers a stable and reliable power source to condenser microphones, ensuring a superior audio experience.

Optimal Feature Combination:

Featuring four individual channels, the FIFINE SC3 facilitates easy volume adjustment through the fader. Whether you need to swiftly mute your game sound or microphone during intense moments, this feature guarantees seamless and convenient operation.

Craft Your Unique Vocal Style:

Tailored for gaming streaming and electronic music creation, the FIFINE SC3 empowers users to customize sound effects and manipulate voice modulation. Unleash creativity by experimenting with different tones and effects, engaging your audience with personalized voice effects and interactive sound experiences.

Irresistible Illumination for Enhanced Appeal:

The FIFINE SC3 comes equipped with vibrant RGB lighting, easily customizable through the dedicated RGB key to complement various live streaming themes. Play with different colors and effects to match your gaming setup or mood, allowing your channel to shine with added style during your gaming experience.

Effortless Adaptation to Diverse Scenarios:

Designed with an easy and intuitive audio port, the gaming mixer supports two PC settings or audio mixing, providing physical balance for music, game, or audio settings. The SC3 transcends its utility beyond gaming or music production, proving to be excellent for live streaming and recording. This plug-and-play solution seamlessly integrates with both Mac OS and Windows systems.

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